Ankita Dave Net Worth – Is She Worth $1 Million?

Ankita Dave Net Worth - Is She Worth $1 Million?
Ankita Dave Net Worth - Is She Worth $1 Million?

Ankita dave The Indian model and actress Ankita Dave is an influencer who posts funny videos on her Instagram account. She is 25 years old and weighs 52 Kg, about 115 pounds. She wears size 6 shoes and dresses. She has brown eyes and black hair. Ankita has a large fan following. Her net worth is unknown, but she is estimated to be worth $1 million. Her net worth is also under review.

Ankita Dave Net Worth - Is She Worth $1 Million?
Ankita Dave Net Worth – Is She Worth $1 Million?

Ankita Dave studied

She studied in Mumbai and Gujarat before moving to Mumbai for further studies. Her popularity rose due to a viral video of her brother and sister making love in the slums of Pune. She has since become a sensation in the Bollywood industry. She is an incest model and appeared in numerous commercials and music albums. Ankita has a following on Instagram and has made a video of herself rapping with her brother, Gautam.

Sonal Dave is an actress and singer. Ankita graduated from the University of Mumbai and later went to work in the movie industry. Ankita Dave gained popularity after posting a music video with Sunny Arya in 2017. She also received a lot of trolls for her misspelled name on the poster. After gaining popularity, she appeared in several other movies and music videos.

Her videos became viral on the internet, triggering many to question her relationship status. Ankita Dave was born in Rajkot, Gujarat, and went on to study at the University of Mumbai. She has a Hindu heritage and is a Gemini. She has been married to Viral Thakkar since 2015. If you are interested in Ankita Dave, you can find out more about her on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Ankita Dave is a well-known actress in the Indian showbiz industry. She has appeared in several commercials, as well as in some viral videos. Her name has been misspelled a few times on social media, but she has a good sense of style. You can even find her sharing dance videos with her fans. This social media celebrity is one of the most popular personalities on India’s social media.

Ankita Dave is a beautiful actress who has been in the showbiz industry for a few years. She is well-known for her short videos that went viral on the internet. She also has a great sense of fashion. In addition to being a beautiful actress, Ankita is also very popular for her unique sense of style. Ankita has a figure that is perfect for dancing. She is always sexy and looks stunning in a red dress.

SHE is a social networking celebrity with a huge fan base on her social media profiles. Her viral 10 Minutes Video Clip was the first video to make the top 10 on Facebook. Ankita and her brother Gautam Dave filmed the video. The two are close friends and have worked together in the past. has also launched her app, Ankita Dave – The Official App, and has two tattoos on her wrist and back.

YouTube personality

The actress is a social networking star and is a well-known YouTube personality. Her 10 Minutes Video clip went viral and was extremely controversial. The video featured Ankita with her brother and mother, and thousands of likes on Facebook soon followed it. Ankita is an Indian, Hindu, and Gemini. She studied at the University of Mumbai and has a B.Sc. in mathematics. Her hobbies include dancing and traveling.

A few years ago, found herself in a major controversy when she shared a 10-minute video with her brother. The video was trolled on social media and became a viral video. denied the video was hers, but many of her followers said she was in a relationship with her younger brother. Her fans for her inappropriate video have trolled Ankita Dave, but she has not revealed whether she is dating her brother.

Ankita Dave is an actress who is very popular on social networking websites. She has been linked with several Bollywood celebrities. She has also been in a controversial video with Sunny Arya. The video went viral, and has since denied the video’s authorship. However, it is still being circulated on the web. Ankita Dave’s dress style is a defining characteristic of her personality.


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