DreamWasTaken Net Worth


Clay, widely known as DreamWasTaken, is an American YouTuber who is extremely popular for entertaining his subscribers with his gaming talent. Clay or Dream got fame primarily because of his Minecraft Gaming content. Minecraft is a game developed by a video game developer named Mojang Studios. Clay, favored by his YouTube name Dream or DreamWasTaken, own multiple channels on YouTube, which includes 

DreamWasTaken Net Worth
DreamWasTaken Net Worth


  • Dream with over 28.2 Million subscribers
  • Dream XD with around 4.41 Million subscribers
  • Dream Team with approximately 2.41 Million subscribers
  • Dream Shorts with about 1.97 Million subscribers
  • Dream Music with about 1.75 Million subscribers
  • DreamTech with over 393K subscribers

Clay was born on August 12, 1999; the successful young YouTuber is 22 years old.

Clay, better known as DreamWasTaken, was involved in sports in his childhood. He played soccer, football for his high school team flag, and basketball during his high school period. Clay came up with creating a youTube channel in the year 2014. He was not very sure what his account name should be, so he had multiple names for his channel over the years: DeltaNinja, DreamWasTaken, DreamTraps DreamOnPvP. Finally, after much testing, he set his account name as “DREAM,” which has over 28.2 Million subscribers in 2022. A unique fact is that he has never revealed his natural face to his fans. Despite being loved by millions of people, his distinctive features are yet unknown to the world.

How did Clay or Dream start his YouTube career?

The successful young YouTuber did not get all the success in just one night. For many years, the channel was stuck on just 1000 subscribers. Dream invested a lot of time and effort to build his YouTube career. Clay got his first break in 2019 when he uploaded a video with the title “This curst Minecraft video will Trigger you,” in which he purposely performed poorly to “trigger” the viewers. This was when his channel rapidly started gaining subscribers; after the success of one video, Dream or Clay got the motivation he needed and began uploading videos of Minecraft more consistently. He understood what the audience was expecting from him and met their expectations. Dream started collaborating with other successful YouTubers, GeorgeNotFound, BadBoyHalo, and Sapnap.

Clay dragged much attention towards him by collaborating with a very successful YouTuber PewDiePie by organizing a project to find his Minecraft world seed. Dream’s YouTube channel mainly focuses on Minecraft: He posts playthroughs, challenge videos, commentary videos, and much more content related to Minecraft. His game series “Minecraft Speedrunner VS 1/2/3/4 Hunter(s)” and “Unsolved Mystery” are also widely popular among his followers.

The young YouTuber was also nominated for Streamy Awards in 2022 for Gaming and Breakout Creator, which he won. Clay, also known as DreamWasTaken, . As of January 28, Dream has 7 Youtube channels and has collectively gained 39 million subscribers and 2.9 billion views.

DreamWasTaken Net Worth

Most of the discussion regarding the Net Worth of every person in business is mainly based on Assumptions. For example, few websites claim that the Net worth of Clay is around 5 million dollars while others say it is 3 million dollars. However, the exact net worth of any person can not be known. The primary source of Clay’s income is his multiple YouTube channel. As per information found on the internet, the monthly income earned by Dream is estimated at $385,151

DreamWasTaken’s Minecraft Championship & Trivia.

Clay(Dream) joined the Minecraft Championship on June 13, 2020; he has played 14 regular matches and one special match. Out of which, he has won four times in MCC 8, MCC 11, MCC 15, and MCC 16. He also won a special match MCC AS since MCC 6. 

  • Followed by GeorgeNotFound, FalseSymmetry, and Sapnap, Dream became the fourth that won 2 MCC’S ( MCC 15 AND MCC 16 ) in a row.
  • Dream believes that the reason behind losing almost all the MCC is team skin. He said he does not like to wear team skin while playing MCC as he has lost most of the matches except MCC 11.
  • By earning 634 coins in MCC 18, Dream holds the record in TGTTOSAWAF for unmultiplied coins.
  • Dream and PeteZahHutt were the only two competitors who completed the Parkour Warrior course in MCC 8.
  • Dream holds many records, such as having 17 kills in a single match of Sky Battle Kills. Clay also maintains a history of being in the pink team most times. According to the internet, Dream has participated in almost all the matches of Pink Team except the Pink Piglets.
  • Talking about Dodgebolt, Dream is the only player who has a 100% win rate and has participated in all its matches.

Dream’s Streaming hours

Clay’s audience can find most of Dream’s Minecraft videos on YouTube. However, he has streamed four times on Twitch in three months. He has never been more active than this on Twitch. It has been noticed that Dream has been doing streams in private and on Discord with a small audience. However, this action has made some fans feel left out, and they are begging Dream to return to Twitch.

A Livestream by Dream, which was held in November 2020 on the platform of YouTube, hit around 700,000 viewers, later that stream became the 6th highest viewed gaming stream of all time as of January.

Speedrun Cheating Scandal

At the end of 2020, Dream was accused by the moderators of speedrun.com of cheating in Multiple Minecraft speed runs. The moderators suspected that Dream had deliberately enhanced his chances of obtaining certain items in the game. After the moderators did the investigation, on May 2021, Dream admitted that his game had been modified during the speed runs. However, he was aware that the modification would increase his chances of winning in single-player speed runs. However, he did not know that the same changes would affect his multiplayer gameplay.

Quick information about DreamWasTaken

Formal Name



6 feet 4 inches

Hair color



80 kg

Distinctive Features

He has never revealed his face 



Sun Sign





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