Halfway House in Ohio: 3 Questions Everybody Wants an Answer to


What you should know about halfway houses | Prison Policy Initiative

Not everybody may need to stay in a halfway house. Once you complete your recovery program and are confident about starting a new sober life with your family, you can head home. However, not everybody is the same. Besides, rehab experts have observed that people are the most vulnerable to relapse a few weeks after completing their recovery program.

Once they are back in their old environment, it becomes a challenge for them to stay sober. 

That’s where lies the importance of a halfway house in Ohio. After the recovery program, if you reside in a house before going home, you give your body and mind a chance to adapt to the new sober lifestyle. This strengthens your willpower. You overcome nutritional deficiencies and address emotional issues. You emerge more confident, emotionally stronger, and with a purpose in life. 

Now when you head home, you are a different person. You are better able to handle the old environment dotted with temptations and triggers. 

How to find a house? 

It is easy to find a house for yourselves. First, make a list of your needs. Know what type of house you want. Check your budget. Then, look out for houses in online directories. They have a list of some of the best sober facilities in the city. 

Do you wish to stay somewhere near home? Or do you want to go far away from home? Accordingly, you can choose a house. 

Searching for “halfway houses near me” can also help you connect with reputable facilities. 

What to take with you in the house? 

Most houses are well furnished and have all the basic amenities. Some houses also have facilities for recreation, sports, exercise, and others. You get meals in the house. 

So, you must pack only your personal belongings, such as clothes, books if you love reading, some stationary, and other personal items. If you love to play guitar, you might want to have it with you in the house. Sober facilities generally encourage inmates to pursue their hobbies. 

If you love painting, pack your crayons and canvas. Or, if the house allows, you can ask your family to supply them during your stay. 

It depends on the policies of the house you choose. So, be careful and choose a facility that caters to your recovery needs and personal interests. 

Once I am in the house, must I stay inside 24×7? 

The house isn’t a prison. You won’t be “locked up” in the house. It’s just a place where you have come to “rehearse” living a sober life. Most houses allow inmates to go out. They put a curfew. You must be back by a certain time. 

But yes, no house allows inmates to stay out at night. 

Mind you, the rules of a halfway house are strict. If you break them even once, you are evicted. 

Many houses urge inmates to find a job. In fact, a few others even mandate that the resident should seek employment. Certain sober facilities let people stay for as long as they want, provided they pay monthly rent. Then there are some facilities that let you stay for 3, 6, or 12 months only. 


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