HOO HAA HEADPHONES are invented by the famous drummer Alex Carapetis or Capital M. During Shark Tank (Australian season 3), Capital M put forward his offer of 20 dollars for 20 % of this business to all sharks (members of Shark Tank). All mocked his proposal but he clarified to them that it was not just a business deal. For a drummer like him, Capital M had a bad problem. Whenever he wanted to use his headphones while support music was running. Most of the time when he took up the headphones, he found its wire tangled up like spaghetti. This problem needed to be resolved. So Capital M came up with a great idea to create the Hoo Haa Headphones.

HOO HAA HEADPHONES are impressively wired Headphones. The string can be pulled out with the push of a button. Only the sound pull remains on the externals. Therefore, the Headphones won’t get tangled, making them ideal for drummers like Capital M and individuals who find unraveling Headphones boring.

Looking for $20 for a 20% stake investment in his business, he began his speech by telling when he was 12; his auxiliary school English teacher encouraged everyone to form like what they desired to be. Unlike various students who tried to be football players, space pioneers, and firefighters, Capital M turned into a notable drummer. His dream was to play drums for big names like Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson.

Everybody started laughing When they came to know about Capital M’s thoughts and motives. But he continues to drum for VIPs such as Lionel Richie, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Kimbra Lee, Grammy Award-winning guitarist, and melodious group Vernon Reid. But, he said that the story had no connection with Hoo Haa Headphones.

Unfortunately for Capital M, the three sharks exit saying that they do not understand the value he was proposing. Still, Naomi Simson, the Shark is likely to invest in Capital M’s business. Her Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) has created amazing things. So she thought something exceptional to be supplied in Australia that might be reasonable for export like Headphone sets that beat the others.

Shark Andrew Banks is again ready to invest in Capital M’s business by buying his $20 shares. Naomi recommends that the two sharks split up; Andrew proposes a fundraiser for a 40% stake in the business for $40, with both sharks contributing $20 each. Capital M counters with an arrangement of $15 each for a 30% stake, which the Sharks agree to.

He hopes to license his products in US & Australia. Capital M shows the fact of how big the headphone market industry is. He expects the market to grow from 13 billion USD to 22 billion USD by 2022.

Why just 20$?

Capital M wants to certify his products, he thinks that sharks can play a greater part than him in this. So instead of demanding money, he asks for cooperation with sharks to find the best way forward for his Hoo Haa Headphones company. That is why he offered 20$ for 20% of his company.


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