How to enjoy playing in Pokémon Go with the Buddy on Pokémon Go

How to enjoy playing in Pokémon Go with the Buddy on Pokémon Go
How to enjoy playing in Pokémon Go with the Buddy on Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has acquired lots of new content through the years. However, its Buddy Adventure replacement stays one of the tops. This feature is a great way to give players more freedom in playing with their digital Pokémon as well as it offers some incredible gaming perks. This is a great way to play along with you and your Buddy with Pokémon Go.

How to enjoy playing in Pokémon Go with the Buddy on Pokémon Go
How to enjoy playing in Pokémon Go with the Buddy on Pokémon Go

What is Buddy Adventure?

It was the Buddy Adventure replace become launched through the use of Niantic’s game in the year 2019. It allowed Trainers to select one Pokemon as their buddy and gradually build bonds with them. Trainers could feed them treats through the augmented reality (AR) or interact with them or walk around the map with them. As friendship develops Trainers also gain from being granted access to numerous perks, like CP increases and brand new products.

How do you choose your Buddy

Being able to play with your Buddy playing with your Buddy in Pokemon Go is a smooth aspect. This is how it is done:

Step 1: You’ll be required to select the Pokemon you’d like to become your buddy. Don’t worry too much . You could change your Buddy for up to 20 times daily if it’s your first experience with the Buddy system. Tap to show your Trainer’s picture on the bottom on the display.

2. Next you can navigate through The Buddy Menu.

3. After the menu is loaded, the game will take you through the basic principles in Buddy Adventure. Buddy Adventure mechanics.

4. If looking to swap your Buddy. First, tap on the icon for the picture of your friend is on the lower part portion of your screen.

Step 5: Now you’ll need to scroll through the menu before pressing”Swap” Buddies. You’ll be asked to confirm your choice, and then you’ll see your brand-new Buddy will be displayed to be displayed on screen.

Which Pokemon should serve as my Buddy?

In general, you’ll require to have a Buddy to be an Pokemon which you want for to collect Candy for. Your Buddy Pokemon will be collecting sweets when you find the industry and may earn it faster if they’re “Excited” mood — do not worry, we’ll cover this down below.

Pokemon also get an CP Boost once they become a “Best Buddy.” This is why it’s essential to display your strongest Pokemon to your best friend, making them a formidable force to be considered. If you’re no longer looking to make more Candy It’s highly recommended by your Buddy to get together with your best Pokemon.

How do you engage and have fun in with your Buddy

Once you’ve chosen the idea of a Buddy You’ll be able to communicating with them in various ways. The first thing you’ll have to take care of is feeding them as soon as they’re full they’ll be part of you on the Map. To nourish your Buddy adhere to these simple steps:

1. Simply click the portrait of your buddy on the bottom of the screen.

2. Select the Berry icon at the top on the screen.

Step 3: Choose an open space in your space to make the AR version of the Buddy appear. If you’re in a cramped space to the size of the space you can click”Quick Treat,” and eliminate the phone’s AR capabilities.

Step 4: Then choose a deal for your Buddy and then throw it to its mouth in the like you would throw the Poke Ball at a wild Pokemon. It will show its level of starvation at the top of the screen and when it’s filled, it’ll become an integral part of your on the Map.

The 5th step is that trainers are able to play games alongside their Buddy by selecting the Play button following clicking on the picture of the Pokemon. After you’ve spotted, a couple of areas around your home to start the AR Buddy, surely rub the screen for a chance to interact with it. It will be evident in the event that you get a reaction from the Pokemon that you select. Play Together choice has to also show the heart with a pink color in the Buddy menu.

Buddy Level and Mood

Engaging alongside the Buddy as well as exploring the Map in a group is crucial for becoming the best Buddies and boosting their mood. The Pokemon’s Mood is determined by the frequency you feed and interact with them. This means that it will decrease over the years, if not taken care of. The top-quality Mood a Pokemon can reap is exhilarating, allowing Trainers to gain more Affection hearts on that day. In a state of excitement, Pokemon also reduce the amount of distance they walk to collect Candy.

These Buddy Levels, however on the other on the other hand, not decrease. They’re built in time by earning Affection hearts through various tasks. If you’re no longer confident about what you can accomplish for earning hearts on the Buddy menu to see the complete list of tasks. It’s about walking together, offering them treats or a game together. When you do these tasks each day, you’ll gradually progress through the ranks of Good Buddies to Best Buddies. This is a quick overview of the distinct Buddy Levels that you could get.

Good Buddy Your Pokemon will be displayed on the Map while you’re playing as well as you’ll see the Mood indicator will appear in the Buddy menu.

Great Buddy: Help with the capture of wild Pokemon by the use of bouncing, deflected Poke balls to that are lowered back to the intended target. They’ll also provide you with food as you investigate the area.

Ultra Buddy: A chance to discover souvenirs, and gain an advantage Affection heart. Your Buddy can even point your location into attractions and spin these PokeStops to earn each Affection Heart.

Best Buddy:

Get an CP boost while they can be your friend. They’ll also create a fancy ribbon to mark their Top Buddy accomplishment.

It is essential to be engaged with each other with your Buddy every day, to keep your Mood up and swiftly rise to the top of the list as the position of Best Buddy. Activities change daily and there’s always going for something fresh to do constantly. Furthermore, you could expand your Buddy every day for 20 times each Buddy has their own particular list of tasks. Being the best Buddies with your most loved Pokémon isn’t an easy task but, betting on them on a regular basis is an excellent place to begin.


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