Is Content Marketing Really Effective For Business In 2022?

Is Content Marketing Really Effective For Business In 2022?
Is Content Marketing Really Effective For Business In 2022?

Content marketing is a marketing approach that is used to attract, engage, and have an audience by developing and sharing relevant blogs, videos, podcasts, and other media. This marketing tactic establishes expertise, boosts brand awareness, and supports your business’s top of mind when it’s time to buy what you sell. Is content marketing really effective? The answer is “Yes.” Most marketers don’t know that this approach can be really effective for their business. Content marketing effectively drives sales, but only when it’s executed properly. Useful content attracts consumers with amazing, thought-provoking ideas that are managed well. It also tempts them to engage in a conversion on your website via a final and brief call to action, whether you enable them to purchase a product, sign up for a newsletter, download a piece of software, or accomplish another goal.

Is Content Marketing Really Effective For Business In 2022?
Is Content Marketing Really Effective For Business In 2022?

Types Of Content

You have heard everywhere on the internet that content is king, and believe me, that is true. It is important to consider the most effective content types for digital marketing. Those are:

  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • eBooks
  • Case studies
  • Checklists
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Influencer marketing
  • Guides and how-tos
  • Memes

Content Marketing Statistics

Content marketing aims to create and share appropriate written, downloadable, and visual media so your target prospect can learn about your brand, expertise, and products or services. 

Statistics of content marketing inform your effective content marketing strategy and provide insight into how other content marketers are solving the points of their target prospect and generating leads. This will let you decide which approach will work finest for your business, consumers, and leads. 

The CMI’s content marketing statistics display 72% of B2B marketers and 76% of B2C marketers utilize video. Moreover, it’s pretty useful: Aberdeen Group says marketers who utilize video get 66% more leads per year. One thing’s for sure; video isn’t going anywhere. By 2021, Cisco says, the video will denote 82% of all internet traffic.

If you are looking for the best content marketing agency in Dubai, do not hesitate to contact Dx creativ, Dubai’s leading digital marketing agency. Content marketing can assist you in different such as:

Trust Building

Building trust is a large part of letting your audience form a relationship with you. One method of doing this is to create content that assists them by answering a question or offering them clear, honest, and upfront information. However, you do not want to over advertise yourself or your product or service.

High Returns On Small Investments

A strong content strategy becomes essential to any business’s marketing plan. It can function as the master blueprint for driving consumers toward desired behaviors and becoming loyal brand advocates. It will always cost less than other advertising platforms, even if you hire skilled freelancers. Content marketing attracts three times more leads than other types of advertising.

Formatting An Image

A business that produces impressive, useful, and appropriate content is clearly viewed as a leader in its industry. Trusting an expert opinion is more significant than buying a product or service. Users are more ready to buy products and services from brands that concentrate on real-world problems.

Increase Natural Links

Content marketing is an effective method to earn links and boost your SEO. You will get more links if you publish more posts and articles that are helpful for the audience. You can also publish expert articles and links to your website as part of external content marketing.

Increase Your Brand Reputation

Instead of selling your products, content marketing for brand awareness concentrates on selling your importance as a business. The way you introduce yourself and the message you send via different content marketing approaches makes an image of your brand. 

Enhancing Marketing Channels

It isn’t easy to use current marketing channels without content. Take, for example, a brand’s social media profiles. They share video and blog posts on a daily basis.

Paid advertising such as Google advertising is another content-powered channel. This is specifically true on Facebook, where videos and posts are the most famous ad formats.


Content marketing has become a crucial component and requirement for today’s marketing strategy. Using content strategies, marketers can generate massive sales, attract consumers to their website and create an Amazing brand image.


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