Isabel Paige Biography, Early Life, Career, Net Worth & More

Isabel Paige Biography, Early Life, Career, Net Worth & More
Isabel Paige Biography, Early Life, Career, Net Worth & More

Isabel Paige is a YouTuber who is best known for her videos about her life and travel. She also runs an exercise and yoga-oriented YouTube channel that shares the identical name. She’s also passionate about organic farming.

Isabel Paige Biography, Early Life, Career, Net Worth & More
Isabel Paige Biography, Early Life, Career, Net Worth & More

Isabel is determined to lead her daily life with mission, helping restore native flora to the ecosystem, helping communities in the area, as well as cultivating food that is fresh.

Early Life:

Isabel Paige is a YouTube celebrity well-known for her presence on social media on the online video platform. Paige is also a passionate advocate for organic farming, and has launched her own channel on YouTube which is primarily focused on travel and fitness videos. The reality TV star was born on the 20th of February, 1998 at Seattle, USA.

She relocated to Australia at the age of sixteen years old, along with her parents. She was a journalist at a local college and began her internship with Fox Digital Entertainment while still studying for her class. The work she did allowed her to get to know many influential people who have changed her perspective on long-distance running , and encouraged an active lifestyle as opposed to the passive one.

Paige began her YouTube career on the 29th of March 2010 and has since gained 506,006 followers with a total of 55942,664 views to the present. Isabel traveled to Asia after leaving college and resigning from her stressful job.

When she arrived at Indonesia, Isabel began teaching yoga after she realized the pleasure of connecting to nature through meditation and yoga. After eight months of living in Asia, Isabel returned to her home in the city. Not having any money or friends, but with a feeling of calm and clarity on what she wanted from her life. She decided to dedicate her entire life to helping people achieve an atmosphere of happiness physically, and later mentally.

Isabel Paige Career:

The initial step involved build the tiny space that she named The Green Room. In the Green Room, Isabel assisted people in getting into shape with classes that mixed the practice of yoga with Pilates exercises that utilized plant-based ingredients such as raw cacao to provide power and maca powder to build power.

Paige began her own company, Isabel Paige Wellness, to share what she’s learned about meditation and yoga. She has also become certified as a personal trainer and health coach offering fitness classes for groups or private lessons.

Isabel Paige is a YouTuber who creates videos on her life and travel. Additionally, she has an exercise and yoga-focused YouTube channel under identical name. Isabel has also released a number of videos about organic farming, such as the methods to grow your own food or visit old, uncultivated land, transforming the land into farmland collecting seeds and planting the seeds. Additionally, Isabel has launched an initiative to restore native plants to the natural environment, while also repairing the local ecosystem and producing fresh, healthy food.

Isabel Paige Height, Weight:

Isabel Paige is known for her bubbly personality, joy as well as positive vibes.

The YouTube star is 5 feet 7 inches, or 1.70 meters tall. She weighs 60kgs and has a the body measurements that is 33-25-33 inches. Isabel also has blue and blonde eyes that perfectly complement her beautiful face!

Isabel Paige Social Media:

This social media star enjoys a an enormous fan base in the internet, particularly through her Instagram account’s username of. Paige and with over 113K fans. She’s very popular with teenagers too! Isabel publishes photos of herself wearing her own look, such as shorts, crop tops, loose t-shirts, and many other accessories. She also posts pictures of her travels around the world as well as interesting exercises, food items she eats, yoga postures and much more! Isabel is very active with her fans via social media and responds to comments!

Isabel Paige Youtube:

Isabel Paige runs her channel on YouTube that focuses primarily on travel and fitness videos. There are 50,506 subscribers on her YouTube channel and 55,442,640 views. Additionally, Isabel Paige uploads several videos about Yoga and Meditation techniques that work in maintaining mental and physical well-being.

She also has her recipes of green smoothies made with the plant-based ingredients like grapes, coconut water, and spinach, all of which aid in losing weight. Isabel additionally has a short video about how you can get fit using only body weight exercises at home. This doesn’t require any equipment!

Net Worth:

The blog she writes for is with a score of 78 points to 86 views. She has a reach of more than 2 million users on the internet every year, based on approximately 700 thousand unique visitors each month, and Google Analytics. The total amount of users impacted by Google Analytics has been more than 10 million page views annually, and has generated $1 billion in annual revenue.

She has a net worth estimated to be around $1 million. Each every month she adds 2 to three videos on her YouTube account. Her subscribers are growing by an astounding rate of 1500 new subscribers every day. Each day, more than 2 million viewers are generated from the uploading of all videos.

This means she earns around $1000 per day solely through YouTube advertisements that are shown in the videos. The companies that produce income stream generators for green living are offered at CPM (Cost per Mille, or thousand views) cost of $3.47 (average annual price ).

Isabel Cookbook:

She has also released her cookbook ‘Isabel Cookbook’ that contains the entire diet-related recipes she has developed. She suggests cooking foods with coconut oil because it’s great for skin and health! Isabel Paige loves to eat healthy meals like fruits, salads, or smoothies all day long in order to maintain fitness levels and boost energy levels.

Isabel Paige Relationship:

Presently, Isabel is single and is focusing on her work. Isabel had a boyfriend previously, but they split up because of some miscommunications, which she described as depressing! It seems that she’s determined to concentrate exclusively on YouTube channels until she meets Mr Perfect for herself.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Question What is the age of Isabel Paige on youtube?

Answer Isabel Paige is 23 years old.

Question Is Isabel Paige and Chloe still together?

Solution: Isabel Paige and Chloe have ceased to be friends.

Question What is the height of Isabel Paige?

Response: Isabel Paige is approximately 167cm tall.

Question: How did Isabel Paige survive?

Answer: Isabel Paige survived a car crash which caused her to break her back.

Question What is Isabel Paige?

Answer Isabel Paige is an American YouTuber and blogger.

Question who are you? Isabel Paige on youtube?

Answer Isabel Paige is a 23-year-old American YouTuber and blogger.


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