Kylie Jenner Announces Birth of Second Child With Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner Announces Birth of Second Child With Travis Scott
Kylie Jenner Announces Birth of Second Child With Travis Scott

The news of Kylie Jenner ‘s pregnancy was confirmed Tuesday after the couple posted a heartfelt video to Instagram. It appears that the baby boy is a boy, and it is likely the couple is naming him Stormi. They did not give the name of their new arrival, but the blue heart in the caption indicates he is a boy. The couple did not disclose the name of their second child. The parents, who separated in October, did not immediately share the news.

Kylie Jenner announces birth of second child with Travis Scott
Kylie Jenner Announces Birth of Second Child With Travis Scott

The news of Kylie Jenner’s

The couple announced the news in September, but the gender was not confirmed. Earlier, Kylie Jenner had already revealed that she was pregnant. She was expecting a son with Travis Scott, and he is a ‘boy.’ The couple’s previous child, Stormi, is a girl. This new baby will be the couple’s third child. The new arrival will be the fifth child for the Kardashian-Jenner family, following her first with rapper Travis. The baby will join her sister Stormi and two brothers, a boy and a girl.

The two also revealed that they are expecting a girl. Their first child, named Stormi, was born in 2017. The new parents kept their pregnancy secret until after Stormi was born. The new mom-to-be shared the exciting news with her family on her Instagram account. She did not reveal the name of the new baby. However, the heart in the photo indicated that the baby is a boy.

The two announced their pregnancy on Feb. 1, but they did not give the baby’s name. Their friends and family congratulated the couple on their new arrival. In addition to their congratulatory messages, the couple also shared their joy with fans on social media. In fact, they didn’t even mention the name of their new baby. Despite being a couple, they don’t really share their news with fans.

The couple already have a daughter

The couple already has a daughter, Stormi, who turned three on Feb. 2. They kept the news of their first pregnancy until Stormi’s arrival. The new child is a boy. The mother’s name will be a surprise. The couple plans to have seven kids in the future, and has already confirmed the gender. There is no official announcement of the name of the baby, so far.

The couple has already announced their pregnancy on social media, and their daughter, Stormi, has turned four. The couple have been announcing the arrival of the baby for the past few months. The couple also revealed that their son will be a boy. The baby’s name is still to be determined, but it’s a given that the couple has named him “Sam”.

The couple have a son named Stormi and a daughter, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott had a baby girl named Stormi on February 1, 2018. The couple’s second child, who is a boy, will be born in August 2021. The couple’s daughter was born prematurely, and is a boy. The baby was conceived before the couple announced they were expecting.

The couple have a son named Stormi and a daughter

According to the Kardashians’ Instagram, the couple has welcomed their second child. The couple also has a daughter, Stormi, who is four years old. The two recently announced their pregnancy, but the names of the children have not been revealed yet. It is believed that the baby’s gender will be revealed later. Their first child is a girl, and the parents are yet to announce the name.

In the caption of the photo, the baby’s father, Travis Scott, confirmed that he and his wife welcomed a son. Although the name of the new baby is not yet known, it is believed that the name will be Angel. The two already have a daughter, Stormi, who turned four on Feb. 1. The couple have not revealed the sex of the upcoming child, but the new mom-to-be announced her pregnancy with an Instagram post on Tuesday, February 22nd.


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