Lauryn Hill Biography, Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Lauryn Hill Biography, Net Worth, Early Life, Career
Lauryn Hill Biography, Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Lauryn Hill, singer and songwriter, rose to fame as part of hip-hop trio Fugees. She then launched her solo career with the Grammy-winning album “The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill.”

Lauryn Hill Biography, Net Worth, Early Life, Career
Lauryn Hill Biography, Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Lauryn Hill: Who are you?

Lauryn Hill is a singer, songwriter, and rapper who first rose to fame as a member the hip-hop trio, the Fugees. She then launched a brief but highly successful solo career. She is considered one of music’s greatest lost geniuses. She avoided the spotlight and the studio to raise her five children alongside Rohan Marley (son of reggae legend Bob). Hill was also arrested for tax evasion in 2013.

Early life

Lauryn Noelle Hills, singer, producer, actress, and producer, was born May 26, 1975 in East Orange, New Jersey to Valerie, a teacher and Mal, an IT consultant. The family moved first to New York, then Newark before setting roots in South Orange.

Hill, a natural performer, was already singing at Harlem’s Apollo Theater at the age of thirteen. Soon after, Hill met Prakazrel Michel (or “Pras”) Michel’s cousin Wyclef Jean and formed a group that specialized in hip hop, soul, and R&B. The group was initially called Tranzlator Crew, and later became the Fugees. Hill sang lead vocals. Hill also learned to rap during this period.

Hill tried acting from an early age. Hill was a sophomore at Columbia High School in Maplewood (New Jersey) when she got her first recurring role on the soap opera as the World Turns. Soon after, Hill was featured in the film Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit starring Whoopi goldberg.

The Rise of the Fugees: “The Score”

Hill decided to enroll at Columbia University instead of going to Hollywood. Hill studied at Columbia University for one year before embarking on a career as a performer. In 1994, the Fugees’ first album, Blunted, was released on Reality. It received mixed reviews and low sales. Salaam Remi, producer, would remix the album twice more to change the group’s sound and win over fans. Two years later, the group’s second album, The Score (1996), was a huge success. The album featured the smash single “Killing Me Softly”, which showcased Hill’s powerful and soulful vocals. It sold 17 million copies and won two Grammy Awards for best rap album, and best R&B performance.

Lauryn Hill

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After The Score was released in 1996, the Fugees briefly reunited for live performances but have not recorded another album. These brief appearances were marred by rumors of tensions among the members. Pras stated that he and his fellow members failed to make a reunion in the studio. He said: “We went into the studio and recorded some records that were amazing. It’s dead, let’s just say. Clef and me are on the same page. But Lauryn is in her own zone.”

“The Miseducation of Lauryn Hills”

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Hill’s first solo album (1998) established her as a major star. Recorded in Jamaica, the album has sold over 19 million copies worldwide. It earned Hill five Grammys, three American Music Awards and a Billboard Award. The album combines soul and hip hop with a touch of reggae. It displayed a musical lightness that belied the deeper, more personal issues it addressed. The Fugees split was handled well — “It’s funny how money can change a situation,” she sang on “Lost Ones” — while “Doo Wop” (That Thing) soared to No. Billboard 100 at No. 1. Entertainment Weekly said that Hill has created an album of “often-astonishing power and strength, feeling”

However, there was one bitter end. New Ark, the band of musicians who contributed to the recording, filed suit against Hill in 1998 because Hill failed to credit them correctly. The matter was settled outside of court.

Hill was in a difficult time. Hill was uncomfortable with the fame and decided to retreat into spirituality and bible study, and stayed away from the spotlight. She said that she didn’t believe she ever dealt with celebrity, and that for a time, it was necessary to leave the spotlight.

Hill was back in 2002 after a long hiatus with MTV Unplugged Number. 2.0 is a recording of Hill’s two-hour-long acoustic performance on MTV Unplugged No. Many reviews were disappointed by Hill’s new direction, which featured a noticeable lack of rapping. However, many also found fault with Hill’s persona, which some saw as being self-indulgent and carrying the weight of the entire world on her shoulders. The Village Voice pronounced that “probably not the worst album by an artist of substance…but in the running”.

Youth Activist

Hill is an activist and performer, but she also has a career as a singer. Hill founded the Refugee Camp Youth Project, an organization that serves urban youth who are underprivileged. The group raises funds to send them to summer camp in Hill’s home state of New Jersey.

For tax evasion, you could be sent to prison

A 37-year old Hill was sentenced to three month imprisonment in May 2013 for failing to pay federal taxes on her earnings of $1.8 million. In 2012, the hip-hop singer pleaded guilty to tax-evasion. Hill stated that she needed to be able earn enough money to pay my taxes without compromising my children’s health and welfare. Fans who were denied refunds for 2009 shows that Hill cut short, and then cancelled her comeback tour due to unspecified reasons, had already expressed their sympathy.

John Legend summed up Hill’s brief career perfectly: “Lauryn had that combination of toughness, soulfulness melody and swagger. It was something she did better than anyone else. It is still a difficult moment to capture.

Personal Life

Hill is married to Rohan Marley for five years. They have five children: Zion (born August 1997), Selah Louise, Joshua, John (2001), John (2003), and Sarah (January 2008. Hill has also a son, Micah, from a previous relationship. He was born July 23, 2011.


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