Miami to Jacksonville, FL: A Trip to Remember



Road trip from Miami to Jacksonville, FL, is filled with plenty of interesting spots and scenic beauty. The A1A highway is known to awe travelers with its breathtaking surroundings. The trip becomes more enjoyable, luxurious, and memorable when you rent a Rolls Royce in Miami and let this sophisticated beast roar on the road. 

Jacksonville is 348 miles from Miami, which means it may take you around 5 hours to reach there in moderate traffic. 


Miami is the hotspot of South Florida culture. Its exciting nightlife, lip-smacking cuisine, and lovely boutique shops attract tourists from around the world. 

A1A route

As you head towards the A1A route, you come across picturesque seaside towns and serene beaches. They are different from the bustling Miami. This part is more tranquil and lets you absorb the peaceful vibes of nature. 


As you enter Jacksonville in your luxury vehicle, you are greeted by the benevolent climate of this Sunshine State. The beautiful surroundings, museums, art exhibitions, parks, beaches, and more invite you to explore this part of Florida. 

The best way to make your trip memorable is to contact an exotic car rental in Miami and rent a car. 

Making a more leisure trip

If you are in no hurry to reach Jacksonville, you can visit a few towns and cities that come along the way.

One of them is West Palm Beach. This city is popularly called the “jewel of South Florida.” The place is famous for its retail outlets, restaurants, local boutiques, and, of course, the sandy white beaches. Stop over for a while here and relax in this beautiful city. 

Another city on the way is Kissimmee in Central Florida. If you love theme parks, then make a turn towards this city. You can also indulge in water-based activities like boating, swimming, and fishing. You will find several spots where you can park your car and have a great time. 

Melbourne, too, is located on A1A. If you have some more time, stop here too. This place has a few remote beaches that give you a chance to spend tranquil moments looking at the vast Atlantic Ocean without the usual crowd. You can even stay over at night here at one of the beachfront hotels. 

Renting in Jacksonville 

Do you know you can find an exotic car rental in Jacksonville, FL? So, if you are in no mood to drive all the way from Miami to Jacksonville, worry not. Come to Jacksonville via public transport and rent a car here. 


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