Ryan Ferguson Biography, Net Worth, Personal life

Ryan Ferguson Biography, Net Worth, Personal life
Ryan Ferguson Biography, Net Worth, Personal life

Personal life:

On October 19th, 1984, Ryan Ferguson was born in Northern Territory, Australia. He is an American by nationality and now resides in Newyork. Unfortunately, not much information is found about Ryan on the internet. Names and details about his parents are not known yet. He had one sister who’s named Kelly Ferguson.

Ryan Ferguson is mainly famous as an editor. “The amazing race” is a game show where two teams compete against each other in various cities of the world. The winning team is supposed to win a huge cash prize. It’s a unique American Game show which encourages students to overcome obstacles and promotes them to work in a team and support one another. As per the news, Ryan was also a contestant of the “The amazing race” season 33. Unfortunately, Ryan Ferguson’s past is not as bright and settled as his present. High school student Ryan was accused of murder when he was just 17 years old. The young boy was drunk on the murder night and could not recall whether he was the actual culprit or not. However, the police could not find any evidence that linked Ryan to the murder of Kent Heitholt, who was killed at the age of 48.

Was Ryan Ferguson charged with murder?

Kent Heitholt worked as a sports editor at Columbia Daily Tribune. He was beaten and strangled to death in the parking lot of Columbia Daily Tribune. His dead body was found at 2 a.m on November 1st, 2001. The murder case of Kent Heitholt was unsolved for almost two years as there was no evidence at all regarding the culprit behind the murder. However, the patient got a new turn when the police received a tip about Charles Erickson. After the interrogation, Charles said that he could not remember many details about the night as he was very drunk. However, he admitted that he was guilty and concerned that he might be related to the murder. On being further interrogated, he mentioned the name of Ryan Ferguson, stating that he spent the evening partying with his friend Ryan. Despite being clueless and having no memory of the murder night, Erickson dragged his friend into the matter and implicated Ryan as well.


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