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Now a day, the Trend of a viral videos is very popular in the world. A viral video is simply a video and it is popular because of internet sharing. Everyone wants to be famous on the internet just for making money. It is because of video-sharing websites for example YouTube and also social media and email. Video sharing and spreading have enabled and popularized these days. There is some logic behind social sharing. Logic will be explained why sharing has become very much common. Now a day, It is a new trend that a person who wants to be famous just showed a video viral. 

Viral videos can be serious. Viral videos are deeply emotional but most are based on entertainment and humorous content. They can include television comedy for example Lonely Island’s Lazy Sunday and dick in a box Numa Numa and so on videos, The Evolution of Dance, Chocolate Rain on YouTube, and only for production such as I got a crush….. On Obama. Few eyewitness event has also been seen on video and has viral for example Battle at Kruger. 

There is a video called the Kony 2012 which is called the most viral video in history. There were about 34,000,000 views in three days and six days there were 100,000,00 views. It was recorded as one of the most viral videos. But Gangman Style received one billion views in five months and it used to be called the most viewed video on Youtube from 2012. But, it used to be called until Despactio 2017 did not come on YouTube.   


Viral videos started being shared a long time before YouTube even at that time internet did not come. Videos were viral at the film festivals, VHS tapes, and even fill time gaps during the days of cable when cable came. The first viral video was Reefer Madness in 1936. It was an educational film that circulated under seven different titles. It was discovered again by Keith Stroup who was the founder of NORML. He spread the prints of the film around the college film festival in 1970. New Line Cinema prints were made by the company of NORML. It was very much successful. Seeing the success of film they started producing their Films. The most controversial clip was cast in the news from Portland. Oregon in November 1970. , the disposal of a beached whale carcass by dynamite was documented and also include the horrific aftermath of falling in the mist and chunks until the exclusion zone was not so big. The Exploding whale story video obtained urban legend status and raised new interest in 1990. It happened after Dave Barry wrote a humorous it was about the event. Copies were distributed over bulletin board systems around 1994. 

During the internet, the 1996 Seinfeld episode. The little kicks address the distribution of viral videos through non-online, non-broadcast. It was finished with the citizen of New York. Elaine’s terrible dancing by the bootleg copy of the film which was establishing. The dancing in Elaine’s footage had high effectiveness in a viral video. 

The viral videos have started spreading in the world as animated GIFS. It is very small and can be uploaded to websites by the internet access or you can send it by attaching the GIFS. Videos were not only spread on message boards, and P2P file sharing sites, and also caught on the mainstream news network on television in early 1990. The most viral and successful videos of that time which were uploaded on the internet were “The Spirit of Christmas” and do not forget “Dancing Baby” These most viral videos of that era. The spirit of Christmas was uploaded in 1995 which was spread not only through the bootleg copies on VHS on the internet but also the AVI file on the play station game disc for tiger wood s 99. The video which took the most popular was the television series, South Park. But after it, it was taken up by the comedy central. Now it is time to describe Dancing Baby. Dancing Baby was 3D- rendered dancing baby video which was made through Character Studio for the 3D Studio Max. It became something of late 1990.

Customer complaints

There are many complaints about viral videos but I will describe some of them. United Breaks Guitars complained from Canada and he was the son of Maxwell from a folk-rock music group. He is an example of complaining that how viral videos can be used to pressure companies to settle complaints and it can be done by consumers. The second example is Brian Finkelstein’s complaint to Comcast in 2006. Finkelstein recorded a video of a Comcast technician who was sleeping on his couch. The technician came to repair Brian’s modem.


There are so many cyberbullying cases but we will talk about some of them. In the first case, the Canadian high school student also known as star wars kid was subjected to harassment and ostracizing which was uploaded on the internet on the evening of 14 April 2003.

The second which was started in July 2010, was an 11-year-old child with the pseudonym “ Jessi Slaughter “who was subjected to a campaign of harassment and cyberbullying. The viral videos they had uploaded to stickam and also on YouTube. The result comes out of the case was, The video was widely discussed in the media. 


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