What’s So Special About Custom Bass Knobs?


For bassists, custom-made bass knobs are the answer to their dreams. These knobs are fully laser-etched and made of premium grade materials. Whether you want a custom-designed knob with a single-sliding or a geared action, you’ve come to the right place. They can make a world of difference. But what’s so special about these knobs? The answer is simple: they’re truly unique.

Slam Panda

If you’re looking for a bass knob for your Slam Panda, you’ve come to the right place. The Slam Panda is a well-built bass knob that has many benefits over other options. It’s clear, has an integrated voltmeter, and is made of high-quality plexiglass. It comes with a voltmeter and LEDs to match your rca leads. And it comes with a smooth knob. The knobs measure 3.25 inches in height and are 1.75 inches wide.


PAC Custom Bass Knobs offer a full range of customization options. These knobs can be built with a variety of premium materials, including solid 6061 aluminum. In addition, they feature a meter mounted on one side and a knob on the other. This design is ideal for bassists who want to be sure that their knobs are always the best option for their guitar. You can customize these knobs to match your guitar’s style, or you can order them with a custom-made meter.


There are plenty of options for bass knobs for the LC1, but few options are better than the PAC LC1’s built-in potentiometers.These knobs also include heat shrink over RCA connections to prevent them from leaking. Besides, you can also use your own LC1 potentiometers, if you so desire.


If you’re looking for a better way to control your PAC LC2 bass amplifier, consider custom-made knobs. These bass knobs are CNC-machined from 6061 aluminum and are a great addition to any PAC LC2 cabinet. The PAC LC2 is an excellent choice for any bassist who wants a truly customizable sound for his or her instrument. You’ll be glad you made the investment in custom knobs for your PAC LC2.


The PAC LC6 custom bass knobs add warmth and realism to your instrument. They are made of high-grade aluminum, which adds a hefty amount of weight and are highly customizable. They are also easy to install and require no specialized installation skills. You can easily adjust the volume control and gain full control over the sound of your instrument. And because of their excellent clip detection, you can adjust the bass volume with ease.

Volt meter

If you’re looking for a new bass knob, the first thing you should look for is a voltmeter. Some bass knobs have built-in volt meters, while others do not. A voltmeter is a simple, accurate way to check if a bass knob is operating properly. These instruments can also help prevent overheating. Moreover, a voltmeter can tell you if the knob is turning freely, which is vital for avoiding overheating. The G2 Professional Bass Knob with VoltMeter comes with three essential wires, a switch for ignition, and a Volt meter for the bass.


If your Jazz Bass is missing its original knobs, Fender offers a replacement set that includes volume and tone knobs. They also come with white indicator lines that help you determine which volume is set. The knobs are made to fit the 1/4” split shaft potentiometers found in most Jazz Bass models.

The treble knob on a Fender custom bass makes the instrument more audible when playing in a band environment. When playing in a band setting, higher frequencies cut through other instruments and are accentuated by your picking hand.

Tone knobs are important for many bass players. They help you control the bass and mid-range frequencies. Depending on the type of instrument you have, you can use one knob for the low end, another for the mid-range and treble. Typically, bass guitars have two tone knobs, but some can have as many as five.

The volume knob on a Fender jazz bass will allow you to control the volume of both the neck and bridge pickups. This helps you blend the sound produced by the two pickups. In addition to volume, the tone knob will control the treble. A higher treble means the tone is brighter, while a lower treble means it blends more smoothly.


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